New 2019 Collection Skidders Baby Toddler Girls Shoes Style

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  • Fabric
  • Nylon/Polyester/Spandex upper
  • Skid Proof
  • Grip Rubber Bottom
  • Exclusive Of Elastic

Available sizes

Size 4 - up to 12 month, Size 6 - up to 18 months, Size 8 - up to 24 months, Size 10 - up to 3 years.

Please see insole measurements when choose the size. Insole measurements (measurements are made with 1/4 inches room to the end of the toe line): Size 4 - up to 4.75 inches; Size 6 - up to 5.25 inches; Size 8 - up to 6 inches, Size 10 - up to 6 1/3 inches.

Product Description

First Walker's sock style Skidders shoes with a modified ultra flexible rubber sole - a great alternative to indoor shoes, as well as an excellent choice for outdoor summer walks. Gripper shoes that flexible, durable and extremely comfortable are still best seller of all seasons. Shoes are easy to put on. They perfectly sit on the foot, providing the child with comfort and freedom of movement. The embossed pattern on the sole prevents slipping during active games. The product does not require special care - just cold water machine wash separate.

Available in new colors and designs yet eye catching.