Kids Limited Edition Rayon Bamboo Socks Boys Size 31 / 1K US

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To the best of our knowledge, our "Rayon Bamboo" products are made from Bamboo (or for socks, 85% Bamboo / 10% cotton / 5% Elastane). Kids love to wear soft socks, but importantly, they love to wear comfortable socks that don't bother them on their feet. That is why we tried to design most comfy and silky socks around! 
We don't know! We just sell socks! We're like, sock guys, not scientists. The only claim we make is that your feet will be warmer with socks.

Bamboo rayon socks are great for several reasons:

  • They're soft, soft, soft!
  • Comfortable Comfort Seam Toe - Sensitive Toes Friendly
  • Odor Resistant Bamboo (Rayon) Fabric - Extremely Soft touch
  • Bamboo itself is a very renewable resource that grows fast without chemicals and pesticides.

Bamboo textile is actually known as the best material for perspiration absorption, so these little socks go a long way! We were able to get a really good product on these as they are basic coming spring weight socks.