Skidders Footwear Inc.’s line of innovative products has grown immensely since opening their doors for business back in mid 2008. With safety at the core of Skidders unique line of gripper footwear products, the brand is crafted to fit a family’s active lifestyle with a range of socks and shoes that are comfortable, versatile, stylish and safe. What started out a few years ago as a small collection of toddler shoes, Skidders now has 18 collections and over 550 styles.

 Skidders Footwear made their debut with the original Skidders Shoe – a patented children’s shoe that features a soft flexible rubber outsole that provides enhanced traction indoors and outdoors. The machine-washable shoes were an instant hit with parents who loved the added protection and easy pull-on and pull-off capability. Next, the New York based company decided to create a ‘true’ gripper sock .Unlike the typical grip socks with little dots on the bottom, Skidders developed and launched the original Skidders Sock, featuring a fully fused gripper bottom for maximum traction on hardwood and tile floors. 

Skidders then underwent a fast pace licensing expansion and developed dynamic collections to include licenses from MLB Baseball Teams, NCAA Collegiate Teams and NFL Football Teams, as well as Explorer, Go Diego Go and Thomas The Tank.The response from retail customers has been great but more importantly is the response from actual parents.The Skidders.com web shop has become a favorite destination for Mom’s shopping for their kids and the positive feedback has been amazing. 

 Furthermore, in response to popular demand from the 55,000 fans on Skidders Facebook page, Skidders launched a Women’s Collection of Gripper socks for all those mothers running around on wood floors chasing their kids. This was the first time that Skidders developed a collection for women and it quickly became a success. Since that time, Skidders has developed several new collections for women to include Spa Grip Socks, Comfort Flat Shoes, Licensed NFL and CLC products and a few more products that are still in the development pipeline.

Today, Skidders products are sold in over 25 countries and to over 10,000 retail outlets across the United States. As Skidders Footwear continues to grow, they remain focused on innovative products that improve and nurture a healthy, active and fulfilling lifestyle for both the Mother and their children. The full collection can be viewed at their website Skidders.com.